Spring Material

We dedicate to high quality. It is not good enough just to achieve the right spring geometry and spring rate, you also have to use the suitable spring materials. Spring materials properties form the basis of a functional spring.

The choice of spring materials are entirely governed by the application that the springs will be used in, and must consider important factors such as stress, temperature, risk of corrosion, move frequency, move range and circle life demand etc. We work with all types of metallic spring materials in all types of cross-section and we have reliable purchase source of special material from oversee.

. Music Wire

. Stainless steel – 301, 302, 304, 316, 17-7, etc 

. Oil tempered spring wire

. CrSi spring steel

. CrV spring steel

. BeCu wire (Beryllium copper wire)

. Silver Pre-plated BeCu steel

. Pre-tinned (or zinc plated ) spring wire

. Inconel 750、Inconel 718

. Titanium alloys

. Hastelloy alloys

Elgiloy alloys

. Mizumi wires

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